Magic Thinking Cap

£ 12.00
Item: W40046 [1005466]
It seems the Brain Cap never went out of style. Calls have come in, so here it is. For party fun or a funny gift at graduation! A colorful, anatomically correct brain image is on the outside. Flip up the brim to expose the words "Think, think, think..." 100% cotton, 100% geek. Interior sweat band and… more

Nervous System Chart

£ 8.10
Item: VR1620UU [4006710]
…anatomical poster of the human nervous system comes in full colorful detail. The poster details the entire human nervous system including the human brain and spinal cord. The labeled poster of the anatomy of the nervous system is a great addition to any doctors office or classroom. The anatomy of the… more

Brain Model, 4 part

£ 135.60
Item: C16 [1000224]
This 4-part brain is medially divided. All structures of the brain are hand-painted, numbered and identified in a product manual. The brain's right half can be disassembled into: Frontal with parietal lobes Brain stem with temporal and occipital lobes Half of cerebellum This brain is a great educational… more

Brain Model, 2 part

£ 80.40
Item: C15 [1000222]
…are used to indicate various anatomic structures in the human brain, making this high quality model perfect for beginning anatomy studies of the human brain. Made of unbreakable vinyl, life-size and anatomically accurate. The human brain is delivered with removable base for easy display in a classroom… more

Human Brain Chart

£ 8.10
Item: VR1615UU [4006709]
This poster of the human brain is a colorful and informative addition to any lecture on the human brain. The chart features images of the brain from several angles and sections. Printed on premium glossy (200g) paper. Convenient Poster size 50x67cm (20x26''). more

3B NEUROtrainer™

£ 50.40
Item: S0003-1.0 [1002491]
Software providing quick help for clever students Do you want to study the structures of the human brain without losing your nerves? Then the 3B NEUROtrainer™ is the right software program for you. Over 800 anatomical terms and 110 accurate illustrations are waiting to be interactively used by you… more

Human Central Nervous System Chart

£ 24.00
Item: V2034M [1001185]
The anatomy of the human central nervous system is detailed in this anatomical poster. On this chart, the detailed anatomy of the brain is shown along with a section of the spinal cord. The central nervous system chart is delivered with wooden rods for easy display in the classroom or doctors office… more

Image "Brain"

£ 585.60
Item: W23044 [1005371]
Inspired by various popular 3B models, a circle of talented artists is committed to creating valuable anatomical art objects in small volumes. Here is a collection of frequently chosen subjects for you wonderful works of art for your office! more

Brain Model, 8 part

£ 160.80
Item: C17 [1000225]
A very detailed model of the human brain which is medially divided. Both halves of this brain can be disassembled into: Frontal with parietal lobes Temporal with occipital lobes Half of brain stem Half of cerebellum This brain is a great educational tool for teaching and learning about the human… more

Classic Brain, 5 part

£ 136.80
Item: C18 [1000226]
brain. The components of the brain's left half are: Now with magnets for easy viewing and hands on learning! Frontal and parietal lobe Temporal and occipital lobe Encephalic trunk Cerebellum The classic brain is a a great tool for education on the human nervous system and anatomy of the brain.… more

Introductory Brain Model, 2 part

£ 61.80
Item: C15/1 [1000223]
…basic brain is medially divided, anatomically accurate, life-size and unbreakable! The structures of the brain are shown in one color, providing an introduction to the human nervous system and anatomy of the brain. Structures of the brain are not labeled or numbered. This introductory brain is delivered… more

Giant Brain, 2.5 times full-size, 14 part

£ 577.20
Item: VH409 [1001261]
…-size the giant brain is 3B Scientific's most comprehensive brain model. This jumbo human brain is also a very useful teaching aid, especially for large groups of students. The brain is made of unbreakable durable vinyl and can be broken down into 14 segments. All structures of the brain and the ventricles… more

Neuro-Anatomical Brain, 8 part

£ 260.40
Item: C22 [1000228]
brain is medially divided. On the right half of this brain, you will find a colored, systematic grouping and representation of the cerebral lobe. The left half of the brain shows: Pre- and post-central region Broca and Wernicke areas Heschl's gyrus Brain nerves Ventricles Both halves of this brainmore

Giant Functional-Center Brain, 4 part

£ 517.20
Item: W42565 [1005555]
This popular brain model reproduces the brain of a right-handed person, employing contrasting colors and hand-lettered captions to locate and identify motor and sensory functional centers within the brain. In addition to focusing on the intellectual role of the dominant left brain, and the creative… more

Brain with Arteries on Base of Head, 8 part

£ 288.00
Item: C25 [1000229]
…deluxe brain comes with opened head to allow detailed study of the brain's position in the skull. The human head is horizontally divided above the skull base. This medially divided deluxe brain model shows the brain arteries in detail and the basilar artery is removable. Both halves of this brain model… more

Brain with Arteries, 9 part

£ 265.20
Item: C20 [1000227]
…deluxe brain model shows the brain arteries. The basilar artery of the brain is removable for added detail. Both halves of this high quality brain model can be disassembled into: Frontal with parietal lobes Temporal with occipital lobes Half of brain stem Half of cerebellum The classic brain is… more

Brain Section Model with Medial and Sagittal Cuts

£ 198.00
Item: W19026 [1005113]
This brain model is an enlarged and very detailed section through the right half of the brain, including a portion of the skull. The pia mater has been removed. This brain model is double sided and finely colored. One surface is on the median line of the brain, including a section of the falx cerebri… more

Rat Brain Comparative Anatomy

£ 153.60
Item: C29 [1000230]
…a rat brain in approx. 6-fold enlargement. Sectioned medially, it can be disassembled into two halves. The right half of the model shows the structures of the cerebrum, cerebellum and brain stem, each of which is color-coded for didactic purposes (cerebrum = pink, cerebellum = blue, brain stem = yellow… more

Classic Human Skull Model with 5 part Brain

£ 169.20
Item: A20/9 [1000049]
…quality human skull replica is a first choice for basic anatomical studies of the skull. This skull model includes an anatomically correct 5 part brain. This medical grade skull model also makes a great present for medical professionals and students of medicine and allied health professions. High… more

Human Brain Chart

£ 14.40
Item: VR1615L [1001584]
This poster of the human brain is a colorful and informative addition to any lecture on the human brain. The chart features images of the brain from several angles and sections. This thickly laminated anatomical chart is printed on premium glossy (200 g) UV resistant paper and comes with 2 sided lamination… more

Brain Ventricle

£ 99.60
Item: VH410 [1001262]
This model shows both side ventricles of the brain, the 3rd and 4th ventricle and the Aquaeductus cerebri (Sylvius). The brain ventricles are life-size. This brain ventricle model is delivered on stand. more

BONElike™ Human Skull Model, Half Transparent & Half Bony- Complete with  Brain and Vertebrae

£ 976.80
Item: A283 [1000064]
…common carotid artery, external and internal carotid artery and the branches of the meningeal artery (red). One brain half, which is also visible through the skullcap, visualizes the brain position and the course of the sinuses. The periodontal pockets and tooth roots can be viewed through the transparent… more

MEDart™ Brain, Copper

£ 219.60
Item: MAC18K [1000364]
Cast from an original, this natural size brain has been refined in a copper tone using an elaborate wiping technique. more

MEDart™ Glass Block Brain

£ 18.00
Item: MAC15G [1002395]
This glass block brain can add a spark to any office setting. Modern data and laser technologies make this filigreed masterwork possible! Selected 3B models are presented in 3D inside a cube made of high-quality optical glass. An unusually elegant gift, we supply these precision laser-decorated treasures… more

Anatomical T-Shirt Brain, XL

£ 12.96
Item: W41039 [1005517]
Our T-shirts offer beautiful detailed and illustrated themes along with lots of fun. Makes a great gift too! 100% preshrunk cotton and 100% the perfect geek gift. more

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